Roast coffee in the pan

Pan roasting coffee is a simple method that can be done in most households using basic equipment. Follow these steps to achieve a satisfactory roast.

Needed for roasting in a pan:

  • Pan : For even heat distribution, use a thick pan , preferably cast iron.
  • Infrared thermometer (recommended): Useful for monitoring temperature, but not required.
  • Cooling sieves or trays : Used to transfer and cool the roasted coffee beans .
  • Ventilation : Due to the strong aroma, ensure adequate airflow by opening a window or using a fan.

Steps to Pan Roasting Coffee

  1. Preheat and add beans : Preheat the pan to 200 degrees Celsius and add the green coffee .
  2. Stir and Monitor : Stir the beans frequently to ensure even roasting. Monitor the temperature with an infrared thermometer if you have one.
  3. Listen for a crack : After about 6 to 8 minutes, you will hear the first “crack” that indicates the start of the light roast. Adjust the temperature if necessary.
  4. Roast to your personal taste : Choose your roasting level. If you want a light roast, stop the roasting process after the first crack. It is important to know that light roast coffee tastes fruitier, but is often sour. For a medium/medium-dark roast, increase the roasting time but stop before the second crack. For a dark roast, stop roasting after the second crack to prevent the coffee from tasting bitter.

While pan-roasting is easy, it can be difficult to achieve even roasting. To achieve the best flavor, the beans should be roasted evenly, which can be more difficult to achieve with this type of roasting. This process also produces a strong aroma and the beans often jump out of the pan due to the high temperatures. Remember to turn on the ventilation or open a window.

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Green coffee beans

Our green coffee from East Africa for home roasting with your own coffee roaster