Collection: Coffee for the French press

Are you looking for coffee for the French press?

The French press method is one of the most popular methods of making coffee. Not only can you use the French press method to prepare delicious coffee, it is also simple, requires no electricity and does not require any paper filters.
The French press coffee pot differs from other preparation methods in two ways: the type of filter used and the brewing time. The metal filter does not filter out the valuable oils and fats in the coffee. The unique combination of these two variables makes French press coffee more full-bodied and brings out the sweet and complex flavors from the coffee beans.
However, there is one crucial step you should keep in mind: make sure you use a high-quality coffee bean to get the most out of the French press method. The most important factor in the quality of your cup of coffee is the bean. From the origin of the beans to the type of roasting to the flavor profile.
We mainly roast coffee for the French Press medium . Due to the relatively long brewing time, the coffee in the French press is relatively strong. Gently roasted coffee beans contain fewer bitter substances . This brings out the specific taste and aroma of the coffee without a bitter aftertaste.
Which coffee for French Press ? The best coffee bean for the French press depends on your taste preferences. However, some types of coffee harmonize better than others due to the specific characteristics of the preparation method. Due to the unique brewing properties mentioned above, French press coffees are full-bodied, balanced and often sweeter. If you prefer this type of coffee, you will probably love our French press coffee beans.