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Espresso sample package, 3x250g whole beans

Espresso sample package, 3x250g whole beans

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Espresso tasting package

For the espresso sample package , we have put together coffee beans with a variety of flavors. All types of coffee included are recommended for preparation as espresso, but have different flavor profiles.

In order to avoid a too sour taste of the coffee, we ensure gentle roasting in a drum roaster. Our espresso beans are roasted medium-dark . With a medium-dark roast, the bitter substances are broken down through the process so that the coffee beans develop their very own, characteristic aroma. The goal is to create a highly concentrated and full-bodied brew.

The espresso trial package is ideal for espresso and all coffee preparations with milk such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The espresso trial package contains three different coffee beans, each 250 grams :

Limu : Our Limu is particularly popular with traditional home roasters. Its strong tea note is complemented by a mild taste of wild berries and ensures an unparalleled enjoyment.

Anderacha : Complement this with hints of bergamot and raisins, as is the case with our Anderacha.

Burundi coffee : Our Burundi, on the other hand, has a strong cocoa note despite its lightness, which ensures an extremely intense taste experience.

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