East African Coffee: What to Expect!

East Africa is not only the origin of coffee, but also produces an outstanding diversity of varieties that cannot be found anywhere else. In these regions, the plants grow at altitudes of up to 2500 meters. These altitudes result in a cooler climate, which allows the coffee cherries to ripen more slowly and thus absorb more nutrients. This process creates distinctive flavors and intense aromas. Although it is difficult to generalize about the variety of East African coffee profiles, one thing can be said: excellent taste characterized by a low bitterness and complex aroma.

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Our roasted coffee

At EastAfro Coffee, we attach great importance to good, perfectly roasted coffee. That's why we only prepare coffee to order. As a rule, we roast the coffee mildly, which can be slightly lighter or darker depending on the bean. This is how the coffee bean has proven itself in the East African coffee tradition and unfolds its full aroma, which has been influenced by its type, cultivation altitude, soil quality and weather conditions. However, we are also happy to accept your wishes or preferences and roast the coffee dark or light according to them. This means that the filling date is the same as the roasting date and, if applicable, the grinding date. In this way, we guarantee freshly roasted coffee.

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Our green coffee

If you plan to roast your coffee yourself, we offer you the basis for this with an excellent selection. The bean can be stored raw for up to 36 months and only fully develops its aroma when roasted. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy fresh and flavorful coffee again and again

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