Collection: Green coffee Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered the cradle of Arabica coffee beans. Due to the altitude of the Ethiopian coffee growing region (over 1,500 meters), the green coffee from Ethiopia (green coffee Ethiopia) is considered Strictly High Grown (SHG) or Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). Due to the relatively cool temperatures in the highlands, the coffee grows more slowly, which means that more nutrients can be delivered to the coffee beans. As a result, Ethiopian green coffee beans are denser and more flavorful.
Particularly nutrient-rich soils, ideal altitudes with average temperatures of around 20 °C and sufficient moisture, as well as shade, create unique growing conditions for the coffee plant. Since only ripe fruits are harvested by hand, the green coffee from Ethiopia is one of the best coffees in the world. It has a distinct flavor profile with soft, fruity and floral-sweet notes as well as a light to medium body and complex flavor.
From the wine-like and spicy taste of Limu to the floral notes of Yirgacheffe, our Ethiopian green coffees offer a complex yet enjoyable cup of coffee.
Due to their fruity and floral-sweet notes, Ethiopian coffee beans are also ideal as a refreshing cold brew or iced coffee.