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Limu coffee | Washed

Limu coffee | Washed

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Limu coffee grade 2 | washed

Country : Ethiopia
Region : Limu
Cultivation height : 1500 – 1800 meters above sea level NN.
Type: Grade 2
Type: Arabica
Preparation: washed
Taste: intense, strong tea note, mild taste of wild berries
Roasting level: Mild

Our Limu (Limmu) comes from the Limu growing areas in the southwest of the Ethiopian highlands. Limu coffee is grown at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,900 meters above sea level. The cool altitude climate allows the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, giving them enough time to absorb minerals and develop their distinctive and complex flavor profile. Washed Limu coffee is known for its spicy and wine-like aromas with hints of chocolate and berries, as well as its balanced body.

Wet processed (washed) Limu coffee

Our Limu coffee is processed wet (washed). In this process, the cut cherries are picked by hand and sorted before washing. Hand picking ensures that only ripe cherries are harvested. At the washing station, the cherries are washed through water channels to separate the heavier, riper beans from the lighter, less ripe beans. In this way the quality of the coffee is maintained. The cherries are then separated from the coffee beans and the coffee beans are washed and dried in a raised bed. This process contributes to its smooth, relatively intense taste.

The wet processed Limu coffee has a distinct and balanced body with spicy dark chocolate flavors and is an absolute favorite for some of our customers.

Roasting recommendation for Limu coffee

All of our coffee beans are gently roasted in a drum roaster to bring out the natural aroma of the coffee beans. We roast Ethiopian Limu medium (City) to medium-dark (City +). This helps bring out the complex and distinctive flavors of Limu coffee. A medium roast also helps preserve the coffee's natural acidity, which provides a bright and crisp flavor. If you like to mix your coffee with milk or enjoy an espresso, a medium-dark roasted Limu coffee is ideal.

Limu coffee preparation methods:

To brew Ethiopian limu coffee, you can use a number of methods including

  • fully automatic,
  • Espresso maker
  • French press
  • Pour over

In addition to its spicy, chocolate and berry-like flavors, Ethiopian limu coffee has a smooth, floral aroma that makes it ideal for iced coffee and cold brew .

If you want to buy green coffee and roast it yourself, we also offer Limu coffee as green coffee .

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