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Ethiopia Sidamo coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo coffee

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Ethiopia Sidamo coffee - washed

Country: Ethiopia
Region : Sidamo, Bensa
Cultivation height : 1500 – 2200 meters above sea level NN.
Type : Grade 2
Type : Arabica
Preparation : washed
Taste : complex fruit notes and floral aromas , dark chocolate, blackberry, raisin
Roasting level: Mild

Sidamo is located in southeastern Ethiopia, within the Great Rift Valley that runs through the country. Ethiopia Sidamo coffee grows at an altitude of 1500 to 2200 meters above sea level, making it a strictly tall grown coffee (SHG). The cooler highland climate allows coffee cherries to ripen slowly with daytime temperatures averaging 15-20°C. This extended ripening time allows the cherries to absorb more nutrients and develop complex sugars. The combination of altitude (extended ripening time), fertile soil and consistent rainfall contributes to the unique flavor profile of Sidamo coffee.

Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is also known for its high complexity - an interplay of tastes and sensations in the cup. The complexity of Sidamo coffee is due to the diversity of local “landrace” varieties, commonly known as “heirlooms”. Varieties can vary from city to city and even farm to farm, with each farmer may have more than one unique type of coffee that is rarely found outside of their farm.

The farmers then deliver their garden coffee to the Bensa washing station, each contributing their own variety. The resulting blend produces a complex and distinct flavor profile that reflects the diverse plant genetics and farming methods in Sidamo. This is one of the many factors that make our Sidamo coffee so valuable.

Taste profile of our Sidamo coffee beans

Our Ethiopia Sidamo coffee offers balanced and complex flavors with a soft body. The flavor includes dark chocolate, complex fruit notes, and floral aromas, making it highly desirable for a variety of brewing styles, including espresso and cold brew .

Recommended roast for Ethiopian Sidamo coffee:

A medium roast is best to accentuate Sidamo's floral, fruity notes and bright acidity.

A medium-dark roast is ideal for those who enjoy their coffee with milk or for those who like their coffee a little heavier with undertones of dark chocolate.

If you would like to buy raw coffee beans and roast them yourself, we also offer Sidamo green coffee .

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